News Brief in Pictures

POLICE in the National Super Alliance party (NASA) strongholds yesterday dropped their guns for a dance and their gunshots for a song when they learnt that the Supreme Court had ordered a repeat of 2017 elections for Kenya’s highest office. The police raised dust with their boots as they showcased their dancing skills. Their loaded truck roared with victory songs instead of jailbird wails as the public waved branches in an unusual show of unity.

NASA presidential candidate Raila Omolo Odinga and team moved to Supreme Court to challenge the legality of incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory. Odinga accused the Jubilee team headed by Uhuru Kenyatta as “Computer Generated Leaders” or “Vifaranga vya Computer”.

This police flip was a stark contrast to the election day when the government allegedly sent military police to NASA hot spots to intimidate opposition supporters from voting.

About 28 people including children were reported killed by police when they came out to demonstrate against irregularity. Innocent children playing about were shot to death by stray bullets. The most horrendous scenario was when police broke down doors and pulled suspected opposition supporters from their beds. During this hideous act, police bludgeoned a six-month-old baby, Pendo to death in Kisumu.

In an ironic twist, the police dropped their guard and shared the justice dance with the members of public who seemed for one minute to have moved on.

The fresh elections will be held in 60 days.

Tujipange African Media