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6 Signs You Are Still “Fresh Off The Boat”

by Mbiliki Aswani


1You Are Suddenly A Forex Exchange Calculator / Genius

We have all experienced it before.
You find yourself, like a computer scanner, taking stock of items and prices at every store you look into, doing the math of “Ok, this Orbit gum is $2.50, which means it is KES 250, and in Kenya they sell it at (____)”, marveling at the absurdity of it all and wishing you could go back to the good old days of bargaining, worrying about how much money you are spending, how much you have left and how quickly it will go if you continue spending 250 shillings on a piece of candy, and so on and so forth. This cycle goes on and on, despite the knowledge that NONE OF IT matters!
Your money will never be the same and spent the same way as you did back in the homeland. If you are still in this stage, I advise you to 1) Get over it or 2) redirect your genius skills to import/export business.