Kumechacha! with Grace & Grace: Chinatown, Philadelphia


Kumechacha! Kumechacha with high temperatures hitting 105 degrees Fahrenheit at the Friendly Gate, Chinatown Philadelphia PA. Every shop, restaurant, spa, pharmacy is labeled in Chinese. This is a hot tourist resort sizzling with Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and all the -ese meals with noisy construction in the background. There is a Chinatown in almost every major world city – coming to Kenya soon? It is so hot in Philly, punishing people hard, boiling brains and causing adults to gallivant in baby clothes. The kids feel great as they get to close early due to the heat! Thanks for joining us this and every Saturday at the Diaspora Breakfast Show with Grace & Grace at 11 AM EST to catch up on news, entertainment and culture. #Kumechacha!

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