Kumechacha! with Grace & Grace: Jewelers’ Row, Philadelphia PA


Kumechacha! with Grace and Grace at Jewelers’ Row, PhIladelphia . This is the heavenly golden, silver and diamond street of the US. The place smells of real old money and is guarded by police and harsh pit bull dogs. This street hit the ground running from 1799 now with over 300 retailers, and has seen five generations of thriving businesses. Peeping through the shiny windows without shopping triggers a rich angry fat well fed dog that barks menacingly at the Tujipange African Media crew. Jewelry is in high demand – wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and all other expensive -aces. The US divorce rates have gone down by 18 per cent in the last two years, especially among millennials and they are putting the ring on it for better or worse. One diamond ring cost a dizzying millions of dollars. Who is the lucky lady? Pilipili usioila yakuwashia nini? (Mind your own business.)

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