Kumechacha! with Grace & Grace Promo: Garden of Light Sartain Community Garden, Philadelphia PA


Kumechacha! Kumechacha! at Philly’s beautiful Garden of Delight Mural Art created by David Guinn in 2010 when he came back to give back to his community. We are out at Sartain Community Garden on 12th and Locust in Philadelphia. The harvest is ready with ripe pilipili (hot pepper), green pepper, oranges and Butternut Squash, tended by green gentle community fingers. This neighborhood is a mix of apartments, Ice cream store, restaurants, pharmacies, gardens and busy traffic. What kind of neghbors do Diaspora individuals make or expect to live with in the US? Are you a good neighbor? Facebook kwa Zuckerberg is a mysterious open air market where some people cross all boundaries and break all rules by telling it all. What kind of Facebook character are you? News Anchor, Analyst, Monitoring Spirit, Gossip Team, Nightrunner? Come and identify yourself as you join us this Saturday for our live Diaspora Breakfast Show with Grace and Grace. 11AM EST/ 6 PM Kenyan time.

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