Kumechacha! Kumechacha! Kumechacha! with Grace and Grace. Tujipange African Network is out on 8th and South Street, Philadelphia. We are at Animals on Point shopping for Kumechacha puppies, Samson and Delilah who just celebrated their Birthday (3 months old). The pet show is a state of the art animal kingdom that allows dogs to sample free foods before their owners chip in the dollars. The shop offers designer dresses, sweaters, scarves, ribbons, earrings and other fashionable attires. They have raincoats for wet puppies, puppy napkins known as puppy pads and fruit salad for great dog nutrition.

There are great job opportunity for these American citizen dogs – knitting, baking dog cakes and treats, sewing dog toys, dog walking, etc. Tafuta kazi bwana! See you this Saturday at The Diaspora Africa Breakfast Show 11AM EST/12PM Kenyan time. You’ll also get to meet our Kumechacha puppies who have really grown big and keep our studio bubbly all week.

Tujipange African Media