Tuesday, September 22

Breastmilk for Sale: The new mom’s business

We all know mother’s milk is gold. Some of us have taken it to the next level.

When Kumechacha! The Breakfast Show discussed our Ugandan brothers competing with babies for breastmilk in the name of curing cancer, the common cold and STIs, little did we know that our American brethren had taken the industry to the next level.

Enter (Un)well, a Netflix documentary series which explores the trillion dollar industry of health and wellness products. Its second episode documents how breastmilk has become a multi-million dollar product for adult health.

Buying and selling breastmilk is not illegal in the United States, as there are donation and sale programs to help distribute critical mother’s milk to babies in need. On the world wide internet, marketplaces like Ebay will not ask questions as long as they get a cut. In the episode, they document one who takes breastmilk as a body building supplement, another as a boost to fighting prostate cancer. I mean, what is better than breastmilk? Straight from the human mammaries chock full of antenatal vitamins…right?RIGHT?

*sips milk* Source:Netflix

The dangers are obvious. Breastmilk can carry communicable diseases that are transmitted through breast milk, such as HIV, tuberculosis, and syphilis, but some still sell their milk to unknowing buyers. Internet milk sounds like a risky proposition.

Despite the risks, one cannot deny its ingenuity. We hope that on the other end of the transaction is a well paid mom and healthier baby!

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