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African Women in Media Conference Discusses Workplace Challenges


A RECENT MEDIA conference held in Nairobi, showcased talent and gaps in the media industry that women face in current times.

The conference, African Women in Media (AWiM 2019) which brought 16 African countries representatives drew together experts from academia, culture, politics, gender and many others.

This year’s theme was to showcase African Women working in the media as experts in urgent issues affecting media industry today.

Yemisi Akinbobola, CEO and founder of AWiM acknowledged the fact that there was a need for media women to showcase their talents and point out some of the challenges they go through.”

This year, AWim has seen media representative discuss issues around sexual harassment at workplaces, innovation, gender gaps among many others.

“We are also pleased that three people from the three-day meeting committed to partner with AWiM in its future events, therefore this meeting has been a success.”

Lola Amalola gave a thrilling keynote speech on how she is running one of the largest social media platforms in Nigeria where women discussing issues affecting them without fear. 

Akinbobola also noted that 16 countries were represented including Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan, South Africa, USA among others.

She advised media people to remember to invest in themselves as Africans in preparation for the next opportunity.

Also, during the meeting a special tribute of one-minute silence was paid to Hodan Nalayer, a female journalist from Somalia who was recently killed by a suicide bomber at her hotel in Mogadishu capital. Nalayer was slotted in as a speaker. Sadly, she did not manage to see the day. She is the founder of Integration TV that was committed to highlighting issues affecting her worn torn country, Somalia.

Ann Nimirian, Editor in Chief Juba Monitor narrated to the audience how she is in constant fear about her work.

“I always feel threatened every day because of the work I do and the decisions I take at my work-place. It is very hard for a journalist to operate in South Sudan where I come from, but the truth must be told.”

The final day of the event was graced by a gala dinner to honor top journalists reporting on topical issues in African media. The awards evolved around women in trade, silencing the guns and free movement of goods.

Winners were as follows:

Culton Scovia – Uganda

Zahara Tunda – Tanzania

Mary Mwendwa – Kenya

Christabel Ligami – Kenya

Vincensia Fuko – Tanzania

The conference was sponsored by African Union together with GIZ in partnership with other organizations. The next AwiM will be held in 2020, in South Africa.

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