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Bees are the new teargas in Kenyan politics cartoon.

Story by Omwa Ombara

Tujipange KE Cartoon

Angry stinging bees have become the latest teargas to disperse political crowds at demonstrations and public rallies; quickly replacing police flung teargas and live bullets. This is scary. Some Kenyans no longer want to attend rallies or participate in elections in case some angry bees attack voters as they wait to perform their civic duty.

One of the latest video dramas in the bungled Kenyan 2017 presidential elections is one of mysterious star war bees that attacked rowdy protesters, police, passers-by, the physically challenged and journalists outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday September, 20, 2017 to the shame of the country.

This happened as protestors challenged the Supreme Court presidential petition ruling where Kenyan top Judges delivered detailed judgement on the nullified presidential elections.

Divergent theories claimed that the bees were let out to deliberately set upon the protesters by embattled Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino. Those in the loop alleged that Babu Owino who owns several honey-minting Bee-farms in Masaku chose the fattest and harshest bees from his farm and drove to the Supreme Court where he supposedly unleashed the bees on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Mungiki demonstrators.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, rumored for unleashing bees from his farm

Rumors had it that the Bees, after finishing their work flew back to the farm on their own using their personal GPS. Others blamed the incident on powerful witchcraft from Kisii land.

One Boda Boda rider, based around Nairobi’s Kencom area, however, set the record straight with his eyewitness account. He vowed there has been a beehive in the vicinity for a while and neither NASA nor Jubilee protesters knew about it. Bees do not like noise especially around their hive, so the howling and singing in strange languages drove them crazy and they defended their fort like any serious army would do when their home is attacked.

Then October 4, 2017, angry bees disrupted a Jubilee rally in Taita Taveta coast region. Media reports indicate that the stinging insects allegedly disappeared after prayers by a Mr. Peter Mwakio. If you want to know what Satan looks like ask Kenyan leaders. They know Satan so well that they can identify Satan in a crowd. The leaders blamed the bees on Satan.

Satan or not, as Kenyans prepare for a presidential rerun, it is important to ensure that there are no beehives and angry stinging bees at any public rally venues or polling stations.  Stinging bees during election period are not part of the constitution or bargain in electing a new president.

It is important that Kenyans go back home, safe, without any bee-related physical injuries when they go to vote.

(political satire).

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