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THE HUMAN SOUL has no boundaries neither is it bound to its environs. It is as free as the wind or the air we breathe. That it has sought a temporarily tenancy in bones and flesh does not degrade it to the familiar composition of the creatures that move on this earth. It is much more.

As the fuel that runs life, blood is sacred. Besides carrying our DNA, it is the single most leveler of the manmade hills and mountains that claim from lofty places about the inherent differences of humanity based on color. How absurd really when a blood donor is defined by blood type and not the color of his skin or places of original when a fellow human being needs a boost! How absurd that body organs can be transferred across the so-called color divide when need arises?

Yet, it has taken countless voices in the past to raise this truth past half-mast before denier’s poked life with a deadly finality. The world knows the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior for a reason. ” Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere” was one of his famous quotes on the issues ofinjustice back in the 60’s. He had obversed and lived for the longest of time, a life of injustice for him and his black people that had ruled their world with catastrophic outcomes.

War has been the most obvious field of blood shed throughout history. However, there are other incidents that have continually made a mockery of life and living. History writers and commentators have told less of certain truths when it comes to global injustices, often favoring the winners to tell of winning at the expense of the truth. Slave trade comes to mind. The Spanish conquistador comes to mind. Brutality and utter disregard of a people less equipped to defend themselves against marauders with an eye to earthly resources, these men of means backed up by empires and religious institutions cheapened human life. And what better manner to justify their onslaught than to liken the natives of invaded lands as savages and lower humans!

While the above statement of fact is from the past, one would be forgiven to imagine as a species, we are evolved enough and civilized to steer clear of the practices of the past that dehumanized fellow men! How wrong! From the rights of women to vote in the affairs of their governance, the fight against injustice just keeps mutating while the string pullers of injustice keeps reinventing other means to keep sections of global society at a disadvantage.

War has been the most obvious field of blood shed throughout history – Nancy Ndeke

Mahatma Gandhi, the acclaimed leader and founder of the Nation of India fought the good fight against racial injustice in his day, advocating for non-violent means in achieving the freedom of his people from the colonial shackles. He stood and preached for the rights to freedom, human dignity, and equality from bondage, poverty and untouchability. A man spoke at his ordained time. A little changed, perhaps much because the biggest democracy was born at his ready hands. What else has changed around many other shores?

Abel’s blood continues to whimper in places where its bodies lay on shallow graves or out in the open for carrions to pick. Cain is on the rampage redefining his schemes of over lordships

Whether in trade, whether in trumped up schemes to make war, Cain is alive and well in our midst though he now wears less frightening attire to calm the culprits of his prey before he pounces. So, slave trade is now an underground commercial enterprise that caters for the libido needs of select clients at resorts half the world population would expire before setting foot on their ivory branded staircases.

Is it any news that drugs and drug peddling has been a business of targeted population to decimate them? The class of purity of haves in excess have a problem with the breeding patterns of the undesirables. HIV/AIDS has its own origin and purpose. What of blood diamonds and other minerals that are always found in militia run sections of Africa? Not even the teak wood, sandal wood and other hard woods are safe from the roving eye of the financiers of wars. As wild life goes, Cain will stop when the last white Rhino falls on the Laikipia and Maasai Mara plains. Injustice is not just a word. It’s a whole world spun and webbed around discrimination, bigotry, greed and corruption. And always. Like a fly to a stinky toilet, corruption follows abuse of power. And is power being abused? Absolutely and with impunity. This is the reason the world is agape with shock at marches of ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT IN THE USA’.

The United State of America has been the ever-welcoming sanctuary for the persecuted of the world. Then the knee happened and now it’s no longer business as usual.

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“Mr. Mandela give 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. All we are asking is you give 67 minutes of your time, whether it’s supporting your chosen charity or serving your local community”   

The above words appear at the’ ELDERS’, a foundation founded by the late Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel. Mandela was the first black president of South Africa. Apartheid was a regime that truly demonized the natives. Archives have enough of this story not to mention the memories of the people.  

They are asking for all to stand up to be counted in their own small and or big ways in support of rights of humans. For someone who sacrificed his youth and most of his adult years, in the struggle for equal rights for all South Africans, this is a testimony of the fact that each human being can do something however small to better the lives of others. Who then can be counted to raise their hands, voices, actions or prayers for the bigger good of humanity?  If Mr. Mandela’s self-denial led to the birth of the Rainbow Nation as South Africa is called, what can our 67 minutes of sacrifice to attend to a human need especially one whose rights are being violated? Silence in the face of injustice is what brought the holocaust. That dark massacre of millions of men, women and children. The land went their usual ways as people were rounded like cattle to a slaughter house. Let us never forget that in circumstances where injustice has laid camp, no one is safe if the other is not. Blood will always cry for blood.

In delivering a speech to the United Nations a few months ago, Opal Tometi, the co-founder of BLACK LIVES MATTER had this to say. “Everyone knows that racism is a human rights violation”

And it is whichever way we look and whichever conspiracy theory we adopt, racism is a human rights issue. Whether you are where you are by default or design, you should expect to be treated with fairness and dignity and not subjected to unjust manner because of the color of your skin. To deny the injustice that the darker skinned people face in the world except in Africa, is to lie. While not every other person or group in the world harbors animosity to the people of color, it would be highly hypocritical to deny that racial prejudice has not been active in our world for the longest.

Lewis Hamilton; formula 1 champion recently reacted to the world crises on racial discrimination and police brutality that led to the death of George Floyd. His words were “Completely overcome with rage” as he asked people to speak out against racism and stand for justice. This reaction is not a white man black man reaction. It is a human being reacting to the injustice done to a fellow human being.

As doctor King famously said “A riot is the language of the unheard” it doesn’t have to be this way. There is another way of righting wrongs. And this is to simply acknowledge that the needs of one man are the needs of another

That racism is a violation against not just human dignity but that it’s a dent on the philosophy of life having a common source and a common end. No amount of denying this truth has led one color not to succumb to the fate of all men. Death. As birth for sure is entry to this this world, greed for power and entitled attitudes fomented for generations, has revealed the soft under belly of a people that had always stood as champions of the world underdogs. What a terrible scene the world is witnessing in the marches that have now characterized world cities in support of BLACK LIFE MATTERS?

However, there is a chance for Great Nation of the USA to redeem itself from this ugly scandal and blight on its image. German made amends after the Holocaust and recently, some of the largest protest marches against racial injustice was held in that country. The leadership and its people must face this ugly monster and smite it with sincere approach and find a permanent workable solution. History just shifted as evidenced by pulling down of racial champions of the past. The world is watching.


Its language is a baby’s bubble,

Its cry and attentions in trust and faith,

Its environs and its elders,

Shape the mind of the man born tomorrow.

Blood speaks,

In needs synchrony and wants for fun,

It’s the hope for better and goals lofty,

It’s a graduate of learnt attitudes,

Like a seed, what’s planted is harvested.

Blood speaks,

In giving and taking,

In legacies aspired and examples set,

In the grey sky of today,

That’s what came when the rainbow died.

Blood speaks,

Of resurrection and forgiveness,

Of bridges to offer a handshake,

Like the cycles of night and day,

To fall is to rise,

As men must know.

Nancy Ndeke, Contributing Writer, Tujipange Africa Media

Nancy Ndeke

June 2020

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