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Chicken and potato grill wedding cake

By Lola Graham

Quick tips for an African Wedding

While most people with a themed African wedding often go for wedding attire and room decorations only, you can make it even more creative by serving an African cake at the reception.

This will not only save you costs but different trips to bakeries in search of a cake.

Roast cock and hen to represent the groom and bride.

Hang the lettuce around the hen to replace a necklace.

Place the chicken in a sitting position with bottoms on the wedding tray so they are able to kiss.

Enable the love chicken to stand upright by piling boiled or roast potato, letters and green pepper as cake holdings.

Have a sharp knife for curving out chicken parts off the right places.

When serving the chicken parts to your in-laws, make sure you do not dish out the chicken private parts to the women as this is abominable in many African cultures.

The chicken cake may be served hot or cold with soda, juice, wine or busaa.

Photo source -Internet from a Nigerian wedding

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