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Desperate Times Calls For Desperate Measures


Kenyan woman goes viral over special husband searching skills

It was a sweet and sour day for Pris. Nyabura yesterday as hundreds of men ignored her and failed to make her marriage dreams come true. Kenyan men let her down miserably as they walked past her, one after another and painfully refused to participate on this auspicious wedding occasion.

Rising to the challenge that all dreams are valid, Nyabura, 28 and mother of a seven-year-old girl took her husband hunting skills to insurmountable heights. She came out as she was, unpretentious, smart, candid, warts and all.

In what seemed like a brazen, well thought out plan, Nyabura dressed herself and her daughter in white wedding attire (traditionally preserved for virgins) and dutifully covered her face with a veil. The man of her dreams would appear and pull off the veil and give her first kiss.

The bride-in-waiting hung her poster silently outside the busy Tom Mboya Street (brides do not speak on their wedding day) with her name, age, marital status, parental status, phone number and job description for the world to see.

With her marriage on the cross, Nyabura’s hope may not be lost yet. Men who noted her phone number may still give her a call at night.

“The woman has got herself a sponsor. I pray that it will not be my husband.”

One married woman told Tujipange KE that even though men appeared to mock the woman, she was almost sure that some, including married ones would call her.

“Kenya is a country of sponsors. The woman has got herself a sponsor. I pray that it will not be my husband.” A woman who only identified herself as Molly told TujipangeKE.

George Mwangi from Thika confessed to TujipangeKE that he was curious to find out more about the lady. “She is honest and a go getter. She knows what she wants. Even if she is chokora, I can make a (N) honest out of her. I have her number but again with all these diseases like HIV, am still thinking hard,” he chuckled.

It is not clear whether Nyabura had a father or relative to hand her over to the groom or if there was a pastor and church or town clerk ready to facilitate the move. Neither was there any information on the wedding reception and whether there would be a wedding cake, ugali cake or githeri cake.

The hope in the innocent daughter’s eyes as she waited for a stepfather was heartrending.

TujipangeKE had not gotten in touch with Nyabura by the time of going to press. Her phone remained unanswered, perhaps as she still waited for the groom.

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