Facebook Fatigue: 21 signs that betray you


    1.Stalker Fatigue: You have stopped sending Facebook requests to everyone who wishes your spouse or partner a Happy Birthday

    2.Monitoring Spirit Fatigue: You are no longer a monitoring spirit. The topics are so steamy that you have no choice but to come out of your closet. But even if you don’t join in any conversation, Mark Zuckerberg is still watching you.

    3. Rumor Monger Fatigue: You have killed so many people on Facebook that you no longer post Rest in Peace when people die for real.

    4. Nostalgia Fatigue: You are asking people on your Newsfeed how to get out of Facebook. You promise people a last post but after wishing 5000 people on Facebook goodbye, you are back in an hour, asking, “what happened when I was away?”

    5. Promiscuity Fatigue: You have dated half your Facebook friends and been let down so badly that you no longer believe love exists.

    6. Bruised Ego Fatigue: You have no power in your own house since no one ever listens to you or asks for your opinion so you resort to Facebook bullying to heal your bruised ego.

    7.Broken Heart Fatigue: You stop stalking your exes or liking all their Facebook posts and finally get over it and move on.

    8. Facebook Insomnia Fatigue: You are trying to keep up with the Joneses by following celebrities so closely that you stay awake all night on Facebook so as not to miss each action.

    9. Inclusion Fatigue: You have joined so many groups that you cannot tell what you are posting where. You are posting the same message to the same group ten times.

    10. Screen Shooter Fatigue: You have been thrown out of so many groups for gossiping, sharing screenshots from closed groups and causing chaos that you begin to feel that Facebook is a waste of time.

    11. Career Killer Fatigue: You start bad mouthing your boss and colleagues, forgetting that you are signing your own firing letter online.

    12. Facebook Live Interrupter Fatigue: You start making video calls to people who go live.

    13. Partner Snatcher Fatigue: You are sending ‘Hi darling” to 100 different people’s inboxes at 2 am while your partner snores right next to you in bed.

    14. Emotionally Unavailable Fatigue: You are having more conversations with friends on Facebook than with the people in your house. You then realize that Facebook cannot hug you or kiss you or love you like your family do.

    15. Scammer Fatigue: Your fake GoFundMe accounts or scams have been exposed so you create multiple pseudo accounts and send Facebook requests without a face.

    16. Volunteer Fatigue: You are liking and commenting on other people’s posts but the same people are not returning the pleasure.

    17. Bulldozer Fatigue: You are used to having your own way so you start blocking anyone who posts a contrary opinion to yours.

    18. Time Waster Fatigue: When you realize that Facebook has not earned you any money all year and it’s time to look for a real job or another source of income.

    19. Meet Your Killer Fatigue: When you read about people getting murdered when they went and met their Facebook dates and you start unfriending strangers on Facebook.

    20. The Copycat Fatigue: When it hits you hard that Facebook copycats ran away with your ideas and are now doing a better job than you.

    21. Immigration Fatigue: Someone from home posts your real name in the comments section, unaware that you have been hiding from FBI, ICE and Homeland Security.