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Grilled Pork with Sukuma Wiki, String Beans and Ugali

By Chef Clifford Williams


CHRISTMAS season is here and with it comes with some grilling (choma time)

The cold weather calls for some real hot, spicy and heart-warming food – Grilled Pork with Sukuma Wiki, String Beans and Ugali

Pork Ribs

Pick out two slabs of Pork Ribs from any Fresh grocers for $18 dollars to serve 10 guests.

Pick your Sukuma wiki, string beans, corn flour as desired.

Wash and pull off undesired fat from the ribs.

Season with your favorite spices.

I seasoned mine with salt, pepper, Montreal chicken seasoning, lemon pepper and Jamaican Jerk.

Cook for about 2 hours with desired texture then serve.

Boil a pot of hot water and add your corn flour. Stir till the bottom of the pan browns and produces a sweet smell. That shows your ugali is well cooked.

String Beans

Wash and chop off both ends to get soft results

Fry in margarine and your favorite seasoning until done.

Add some soy sauce or cook plain without seasoning.

Sukuma Wiki

Fry with onion, green pepper and vegetable or coin oil for 5 minutes.

The Sukuma wiki should stay green so as not to lose the vitamins.

Do not overcook to brown.

Barbecue sauce, Pilipili or kachumbari added to the ribs is an option.

Yummy Yummy and a Very Merry Christmas to You!