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A Home is a Castle: Think Safety


THIS IS AN article inspired by a house fire I watched last night, because a house fire can be life threatening, life changing or life ending.

The topic brings to my mind a reminder of carelessness, or even just getting caught in a situation using a space heater to keep warm during these cold winter months.

Kids playing with matches unattended, accidental fires during food preparation can be a hazard.

Just remember to add a 360 degree of awareness on fire safety. Don’t delay to have a plan if a fire accident does arise.

Think about homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance.

Some fires only destroy property of others whereas loss of life can affect an individual’s mental state for the rest of their lives. Some cases result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD).

So, don’t put it off. Plan right away because someone somewhere finds out just how a delay can be deadly in a house fire that destroys property or ends life.

Think safety.