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How Bad Decisions Create Free Money For Government

Carlton Young at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, fighting against crime economics. Photo by Omwa Ombara

As Carlton Young walks about the streets of America, he is dressed in money, smells money, talks money but is not all that into money. Unless, of course it is obtained by legal process and is for a good cause.

He advocates through his green dollar dress. Although he will not tell you whether he is authorized to carry a gun or if he is walking around with one in his pocket, the fact that he has money hanging on his clothes like tempting earrings dangling provocatively on pierced ears is a sign of confidence and power that no one will steal it from him.

Carlton Young, is a former Corrections Officer at the State Road Prison, Philadelphia where he worked for 18 years. He is currently CEO/President of Breaking Chains. Inc… He says private prisons and the system are making money on people’s bad decisions.

Young claims that every time someone commits a crime, they create free money for the Government and prisons investors.

“There are three things that will happen to you because of our bad decisions, get a police photo number, incarceration or possible death,” he explains.

Some people might say you did the crime, do the time. Some may call you a tax burden while you are incarcerated and upon release. Crime has no color barriers, religion, and doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, it affects everyone.

“Before retirement, my duty as a Corrections Officer was observe and make sure you followed the rules while incarcerated. Breaking Chains Inc. is a program geared to help change your life, one thing we ask you to do before you make that decision is to stop, think and listen,” a passionate Young told Tujipange Africa Media during the Prison Summit interview at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

In the American Prisons System, money speaks more than words. Photo by Omwa Ombara

He says young people must understand that crime will change their lives forever. However, although one’s life changes, one can still rearrange it for the better.

There are two kinds of hustlers. The ones who hustle and work, a legitimate job with pension plans, healthcare for their family, life insurance benefits to leave for their family. And, there is a little corner hustler, waiting for the three things to happen. Become a Cripple, go to Prison or Death, and no benefit comes from that. So, if you choose to be a corner hustler, get some life insurance to give back to your family to give them a chance to be examples to the family, “That’s love.”

“We at Breaking Chains Inc. believe, God in your life changes things. And through God, Breaking Chain’s Inc. is about changing lives,” says Young.

Young says he believes in the 13 principles of Breaking Chains.

Carlton Young, CEO/President of The Thirteen Principles of Breakin’ Chains, Inc.
  1. Build your Character
  2. Respect Yourself
  3. Educate your mind
  4. Assume your responsibilities
  5. Keep striving to be the best
  6. Identify your goal
  7. Now is the time
  8. Channel your anger
  9. Have patience
  10. Apply yourself
  11. Interact positively with your peers
  12. No one is perfect
  13. Save your communities

Breakin’ Chains will not discriminate regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age or physical handicap.

“If we don’t get the victimizer on a positive page, statistics has shown us that we will have more victims,” Young emphasizes.