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How to get rid of American mice when you have no cat

By Omwa Ombara


IF YOU ARE one of those Diaspora residents who do not keep mice as pets, are simply allergic to cats or cannot afford an American neutered and registered cat that does not eat leftover food, American mice can be a menace.

These animals will taunt you and overtake your house like aliens and will kill all your American dreams and bring you down. They will shamelessly poop all over your house with no respect and will show their faces tauntingly whenever you have guests, especially your in-laws.

Casualty of mice.

From chewing your immigrant documents like passport, work authorizations card, travel documents, permanent resident card, green card, driver’s license, State ID, birth certificate and clothes that have cost you an arm and a leg to procure – these mice can recklessly cause you such massive damage that might have you deported, by destroying your status.

These mice hold no prisoners and will start chewing your chairs, mattresses and turn your couch into a maternity breeding ward. And they move with the speed of lightning, even a famous IAAF 100-meter world champion Olympic runner Usain Bolt may have a serious challenge catching these mice.

To contain these long tailed, sickle-teethed American mice, it is important to have a plan. Great things succeed when done simply.

The encouraging thing about this nuisance situation is that these destructive creatures do not think very fast.

Buy a rat sticky and let them stick on it or a mouse trap. These are easily available at any Dollar store and quite affordable.

Kazi kwisha!

American mice love peanut butter. Place a little peanut butter on the stickies or mouse traps and your house will soon be rid of these aliens. As soon as they are trapped, you will hear a shrill voice. Pick the trap and get rid of the mouse. Good luck!