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My husband has refused to show me his Facebook Password – Dear Aunt Dora

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Dear Aunt Dora,

I am a young accountant aged 25 and married for two years with one child. We got married in a powerful church wedding ceremony and I tell you the holy spirit was present. But now, the happiness is going down slowly, slowly.

My husband 40, has refused to show me his Facebook Account or Password and has completely ignored my friendship Facebook request. When I walk into the room, he changes the page to weather forecast even though he has been chatting with someone in inbox message.

Is this normal? Do you think he has something to hide? Should a couple share the same Facebook account to avoid suspicion? Can God solve this problem? – Mercy M. 

My dear. Where did you get such an old man to marry you? You are being cheswad (cheated on) too early in your marriage. Since you got married, you promised to be one not two. Pack your baby and yourself in a suitcase and call a cab. You have a new co-wife, my dear and she is called Facebook. Unless you want to be in polygamy, yaani second wife, divorce that man as soon as yesterday. Stop wasting your time my dear. You are too young to be replaced by a computer. – S. Waimonde

Dear Mercy,

I am not sure if my advice will be according to scripture, so take it as you will. In the age of social media all things are possible. Create a catfish account (re: fake accounts you know yourselves), then add your dear husband as a friend on facebook. Make sure to liberate pictures from the internet that look nothing like you – Who knows? maybe pictures of a socialite. You know he will follow back. Once this is done, do your investigation.

A disclaimer: By this point you already have seeds of doubt in your mind. Be careful what you look for, because you just might get it.  – Aunt Dora

Note: Aunt Dora has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Villanova University, USA


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