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My husband wants me to scrub his back at 5 AM – Dear Aunt Dora

Would you let this man wake you up at 5 AM for bath duty?

Dear Aunt Dora,

My husband wants me to scrub his back every morning (about 5 am) with bubble bath soap of mango flavor and a hard brush when he has a bath. This is a new idea he came back with after attending a men’s support group. We’ve been married for two years and he has always had his own bath. I am also a working mum with three kids and this makes me late for work. Does he just want attention or is he cheating on me? – Waithera Jonathan.


Dear Waithera,

How big is he? Are you scared? Does he finish the soap?  You are presented with a unique opportunity of seeing and touching your husband in the daylight. Many women only dream of this all their marriage lives. Since you are used to washing babies, you are already an expert at this. Why not use your skills on the biggest baby of all, your man? Your man went to a support group and is making the best of his life, so do your part!

Do not worry about where your man gets his tips from. You should be more worried when he refuses to bathe, refuses to bathe with you, or when comes home fresher than he left. So live in the moment and hit two birds with one stone! Join him in the shower and give him the most vigorous mango flavored scrubbing he will ever receive. You never know, your intimate blessings may come in the morning. Happy Romance to you both! With more experience, you may even think of opening an adult male parlor in the future, with your husband’s support of course…


Aunt Dora

Note: Aunt Dora has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Villanova University, USA

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