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Why keep a wife who cannot even iron bedsheet? – Dear Aunt Dora


Dear Aunt Dora.

This woman begged me to marry her three months ago. I agreed since was getting too old with her 41 years. To my surprise, she does not iron the bedsheets.  She is very lazy woman. After washing them, she just spread them direct on the bed. My mother used to iron our bedsheets but my new wife, she simply cannot do it.

I am so tired of sleeping on crumpled bedding. I can’t even sleep well.Why keep a wife who cannot even iron bedsheet?

Please advise what to do with such a lazy woman.

John (New Jersey).

Dear John,

What is your trouble? Now that you have gotten the cow you want to complain about the quality of the milking can. If you only wanted a wife for ironing bedsheet, you should have put it first on the job description. Besides, crumpled bed-sheets are the sign of healthy midnight dances with your wife. Instead of complaining, you should ask yourself if your wife is sending you a sign to step up in the bedroom.

If this fails, let us all end our suffering. Let that poor woman go and finally commit to mama dearest,who seems to tick all your wife requirements. This way as your bed continues to remain empty, at least the sheets will be smooth!


Aunt Dora

Note: Aunt Dora has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Villanova University, USA

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