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Make your Snow Day your Kitumbua Day

by Lola Graham


Most people are out of school and work today because of inclement weather.

This cold weather sometimes brings tension in the house especially when the heater is not getting hot enough or your bright smile is frozen by the cold atmosphere.

You can get off the depressive or spirit from your home by simply turning your cold snow day into a cheery Kitumbua day.

You do not need any special cooking skills or expensive pots and pans.

You can make do with whatever you have.

Get your all-purpose flour, eggs, milk, sugar, baking powder, liquid oil and mix to a semi- solid dough. You can add some spices such as cardamon, nutmeg, ginger to enhance your flavor.

Mix enough go for enough Kitumbua to do double or triple rounds or to leave some for school or office tomorrow.

Heat some oil in a pot or pan.

Scoop the dough with a round or regular spoon to get your popular shape and drop carefully.

Turn over severally until it browns.

Yummy, Happy Kitumbua Day!