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Kumechacha! with Grace & Grace – Episode 5


Freshly Mwamburi’s “Stella’ and the embarrassing situation of the 4ft Japanese Boy. What happens when a man loves a woman like Nyama Choma (Grilled Beef) and Kachumbari (Salsa).

We explore the love/hate relationship between Kenyans and the Chinese and the complex mix of construction workers, egg-laying ghost fathers, Kenyan-Chines e(Kechanese) families of mixed marriage, alleged dog- eaters racists and the popular Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi. Can this situation improve?

Meet the Kumechacha puppies Samson and Delilah, guarding Tujipange KE studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US. These dogs are strictly family and not for consumption, please.

Money matters, borrowing and lending in the Diaspora and the available resources.

Volunteering as an investment with positive returns in the US and how this can help build your resume and get you a great job.

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