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My husband wants to trade church for sex on Sunday – Dear Aunt Dora

Church, or sex?

Dear Aunt Dora,

I am a 35-year-old woman mother of three. I’ve been happily married for 10 years. We have been regular church goers and born-again Christians. My husband does not allow me to go to Church anymore. This started the last two months. He says since we both work Monday through Saturday, he has declared Sunday our sex day. Please advise me what to do. Mrs. Tony.

Dear Mrs. Tony. Invite your pastor secretly for breakfast without telling your husband and open the door in your sexiest underwear. Serve your pastor breakfast and stroll right back into bed and make love to your husband until he falls asleep. Wake him up and send him to the kitchen to get you a glass of water. Come back and share your wonderful testimony with Tujipange KE readers. – E. Akoth

Mrs Tony,

Is this a sex day a 24-hr marathon? My recommendation here is compromise – you do not appear too sad about it being a sex day, but rather that it falls on a church day. So, bring the church into the bedroom – turn OFF the lights, then turn ON your favorite church service streaming on youtube, twitter, facebook – and let the good times roll! After all, He would approve.

– Aunt Dora

Note: Aunt Dora has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Villanova University, USA and a PhD and the Language of Love.


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