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My parents need to pay me back! – Dear Aunt Dora


Dear Aunt Dora,

I am a refined beautiful Kenyan lady, aged 40 years.  I settled with my husband, 55 and son in the US 15 years ago after I won the DMV lottery (Green Card). We have one son who is in junior school.

My parents were very rich then and helped us a little in paying for our tickets here.

My parents are back in Kenya and are good farmers with a good income.

I hustle two jobs to make ends meet while my husband has a good steady job with an IT firm as an engineer. If there is one thing we do not like, it is to waste money or throw away food.

Last year my parents asked me to lend them US $50 dollars (Kshs 5000) to attend to an urgent matter. They never said what it was but they promised to return it after two weeks. I was very reluctant because the Bible says one should never lend money and they are rich anyway. All the same, out of the kindness of my heart and against my better judgement, I gave it to them.

It is 1 year, 2 days and 30 seconds as I write to you and they have not returned it. I am very annoyed with them and will not talk to them ever again. I will not even attend their funeral if they do not return that money. When I ask my mum for money, she sends me to my dad and when I ask my dad for my money, he sends me to my mum. These wazees have become too much and I feel I am going to sue them.

Instead of returning my money, my parents have changed the story and now claim they took me to the best schools and raised me. I did not ask to be born or to be taken to the best schools in Kenya, that was my right. This was not art of the deal. I am counting the interest every day and if they are not careful, I will sue them close to half a million Kshs (500,000)

How do I get my money back? This is very disturbing that people can borrow money and not return it. Money is money, please. There is no relationship where money is concerned.

Please advise me before I kill these people.

Upset Viola

Dear Viola,

Thank you for sharing your problem with us.

It seems like you feel betrayed by your parents after you trusted them with your money.

From the background on your education, it seems like your parents invested heavily in you and did the best they could to bring you up as a “fine young woman.”

Do you think your upbringing and education cost $50 dollars?

It is not a bad thing to help your parents out if they are stuck.  It seems like you have a dis-connect with your family and some unresolved issues.

A lot of people come to the US from home and feel as if they have landed in heaven. Please wake up and smell the coffee.

You refer to your parents in a very disrespectful manner, as if you will never grow old. Have some sense of family and show some respect and gratitude.

Remember that blood is thicker than water.

Has your life changed dramatically for the worse since you lent them the money?

Finally Tujipange would love to pay you back the $50 dollars on behalf of your parents. Our only request is that you waiver the interest.

Would you be willing to waive the interest?

We recommend that you see a therapist as soon as possible before you go “mad” as you say. I am sure they will charge you more than $50 dollars.


Aunt Dora