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Out and About with Kumechacha! – Legacy Mural, Philadelphia PA


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It’s an emotional and nostalgic moment where we are awakened to the reality of slavery and how much we share a history and destiny with our fellow black American community of African descent. Here at 707 Chestnut Street, History is full of tears for the struggle of a people, abolitionism and how the demons of slavery, slave trade impacts our lives as Diaspora.

The huge splendid Legacy Mural measures about 10,000 square feet and extensively captures works of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas, some names you will definitely come across during your American Citizenship Interview.

The Mural is a production of a collabo of 5 public schools and a dozen individuals and holds over 1 million glass titles. Part of it is the creative works of inmates and was produced by Eric Okdeh.

Grace and Grace stand dazed with the stark reality at the painted cloth depicting a map of Africa as viewed through the wooden planks of the Slave Ship. A blue woman, rising from the flames depicts resilience through the dark holocaust.

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