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Kumechacha! Kumechacha! Kumechacha! with Grace and Grace

Tujipange African Studios is out at 210 W Rittenhouse Square in center city Philadelphia. The park, most popular for dog walks by some of Philly’s well bred, sophisticated, classy species was renamed in 1825 after David Rittenhouse, a clockmaker, noted astronomer and friend of American revolution.

Being stranded in America is no joke. Does America change Kenyans who move to Diaspora or is it the people back home who change? Help and demands from home, are they loans or gifts or should we sign a contract?

Dear Aunt Dora, This Kenyan woman wants to kill her parents over a $50 dollar loan. How can we help her? One Thousand Boys are back. Watch us tackle them head on. Join us for our Saturday Diaspora Breakfast Show live with Grace and Grace at 11AM EST/6PM Kenyan time. Last week’s winner of the week will be announced.
We are on YouTube! |https://bit.ly/2NnKhHS
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