Facebook Fatigue: 21 signs that betray you

1.Stalker Fatigue: You have stopped sending Facebook requests to everyone who wishes your spouse or partner a Happy...

US Citizenship Civics Test Answer Updates 2019

Are you preparing for the naturalization test?As you study for the U.S. history and government (civics) test, make sure that you know the most...

Out and About with Kumechacha! – Legacy Mural, Philadelphia PA

LIKE | WATCH | SUBSCRIBE Kumechacha is on YouTube. Kumechacha! Kumechacha! Kumechacha! Tujipange Studios is out and about.

Kumechacha! with Grace & Grace – Episode 5

Freshly Mwamburi's "Stella' and the embarrassing situation of the 4ft Japanese Boy. What happens when a man loves a woman like Nyama Choma (Grilled...

Out and About with Kumechacha! Getting ready with Holiday Wrapping

Kumechacha! Kumechacha! Kumechacha! The season of gifting is here and Tujipange Studios, Philadelphia will not be left behind.