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Seven Things To Prove You Ate Turkey At Thanksgiving

  1. You are thinking like a Turkey, walking like a Turkey, reasoning like a Turkey and talking a new bird language, Turkey/se; you got The Turkey Flu and other Turkeys are looking for you.
  2. You are drowsy and dozing off in between movies, the couch and church. Don’t worry, sleep on! Turkey contains Trytophan, the more Turkey you consume the more drowsy you will be. Prepare to sleep like a Turkey, for the next four days as you enjoy leftover Turkey platters.
  3. You have gained extraordinary weight over Thanksgiving weekend because you ate your Turkey with the skin.
  4. You are feeling a little sick because you ate enough Turkey to last a year. When you eat turkey in large quantities, you are most likely vomiting or feeling sick.
  5. Your intelligence has drastically reduced in a few hours. You are suddenly asking vegetarians and vegans about meat!
  6. You are craving for gravy and waving your arms as if they are full of Turkey Feathers.
  7. You are gobbling like a Turkey as you read all about the Turkey you ate!
Photos by Omwa Ombara

Happy Thanksgiving!

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