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Wife divorcing husband in US to go and be devoured by Kenyan pastor, wild animals and diseases

by Omwa Ombara


THE CONTROVERSIAL story going viral on the internet of a white married Christian woman in her mid-40s, in the US, madly in love with a single Kenyan Kisii man, 26, has brought out the African stereotypes that continue to dog America over years.

The myths that have always been perpetuated in the West – of Africa, as a country (not continent) ravaged by deadly diseases where wild animals walk everywhere eating up residents. Where humans live on trees with monkeys and people die from deadly diseases everywhere due to lack of hospitals or doctors.

The concerns of Sarah’s jilted and enraged husband are not so much the fear that his wife has chosen to abandon him with their four beautiful children, but for her safety in Africa when she arrives. The family believes that once Sarah arrives in Africa, she will disappear and never be seen again.

“If Sarah goes to Africa, she may end up disappearing in the jungle and killed by lions and jackals.” The devastated husband told a gasping and frustrated audience in Dr. Phil’s popular American show.

“Between the sex trafficking and the diseases that are there, she is not to palpable to getting any immunizations of any kind. Africa is so full of diseases.” Sarah’s husband alleges in a live interview with Dr. Phil.

According to her husband, Sarah went on a trip to Nigeria and came back a changed woman.

She started buying sexy underwear and when her husband asked her what he could not do for her that Kevin could. her answer was –  he could not compare to the Kenyan man even if he bought Viagra. In other words, Kevin was a virile African man.

Keith discovered that Sarah was sexting and showing nude pictures of herself to Kevin on phone.

When Dr. Phil sent out his investigative team to Kenya, they did find that Kevin from Ogembo was a pastor and did indeed exist. Kevin appeared on Dr. Phil’s interview by skype and briefly admitted that he was aware he was involved with a married woman.

So far counseling and prayers have not changed Sarah’s mind and as someone once said, there is no war as powerful and as dangerous as that of romantic love.

This is how the story appeared on Dr. Phil

Man Says Wife Of 18 Years Wants To Divorce Him For 26-Year-Old Kenyan She’s Never Met In Person

Keith says months ago he discovered that his wife of 18 years, Sarah, was messaging and sexting African men online. He said they agreed to work on their marriage and pray for each other – but recently, Keith says she dropped a bombshell. On her

“Sarah said she no longer loves me, and she wants to start a new life with some guy from Kenya named Kevin she’s never even met other than online,” Keith says. “She said she wants to divorce me and abandon me and my four children.”

Keith says Sarah, who was the church secretary, “perfect” housewife, and mother who homeschooled their children, started to change two years ago after she went to see a Nigerian natural doctor.

“She lost 15 pounds, changed her diet, and stopped breastfeeding. I wasn’t physically attractive to her anymore,” Keith recalls of the woman he calls the “love of my life.” “I was devastated. She lost interest in being intimate with me.”

Keith, who says he’s “beyond angry,” says he fears Sarah is being “blinded” by her online love.

“I think Sarah’s being brainwashed,” Keith says. “If Sarah goes to Africa, she may end up disappearing in the jungle and getting eaten by lions or jackals. I hope that Dr. Phil can help me. The Sarah that I married would’ve never wanted to leave me.

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The story of many white women in romantic love with Africa and the virile Maasai herdsman is not new. Many elderly and divorced rich white women have been reported in the media to have settled comfortably with young black men in the Coastal region of Kenya especially along the beaches of Malindi, Watamu and in Kilifi.

Meanwhile Sara’s family claims she is being scammed by the Kenyan Pastor. They believe Kevin’s main motive lies in getting papers and the much envied green card so he can move to America. As Sarah’s husband continues proclaiming undying love for his wife, the story continues to unfold.

In an ironic twist of events, a friend of Kevin’s has opened a gofundme account begging money for Kevin who has found love. By the time of going to press, the account had raised $30 out of the expected $20,000. Part of this money will be apportioned to support Kevin’s orphanage. Two Kenyans have donated the $30 in diaspora unity with the helplessly in-love couple.