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Women break political barriers as 114 elected in US midterms

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It was groundbreaking history in the US mid-term elections yesterday, as 114 women won elections.

Out of 256 women candidates who stood for elections, 94 made it to House of Representative, 12 to senate and eight as governors.

Meanwhile in New York, hundreds of women raised their election victory celebrations a notch higher. They marched to women suffragist Susan B. Anthony’s grave AT Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester and placed stickers with the “I voted’ sign, to honor her.

Anthony made history 146 years ago when she illegally cast her ballot in presidential election. Women were not allowed to vote then and she was arrested..

American women made a similar honor march to Anthony’s grave in 2016, when Hillary Clinton made it as first female Democratic party presidential candidate. She lost to current President Donald Trump.

Kenyans basked in the glory of Somalia as they celebrated the success of first Somali American citizen, Ilhan Omar, 36.  Omar, a former Somali refugee in Dadaab camp in Kenya, beat the Republican candidate, Jennifer Zielinski by 78.2 per cent of the votes (267,690) against 21.8 per cent (74, 437) to win Ellison’s Congress seat.

Pennsylvania largely celebrated the election of 4 women candidates for the house seat. The state has not had female candidates in Senate or Congress since the 2016 elections. The state is currently one of the 11 with no women in Congress.

No Kenyan Woman citizen stood for any seat in the midterms.